"Leaders who fail are the ones who do it by themselves. Leaders who succeed are the ones who allow others to help them."

- Simon Sinek

About Us


About Us

Think of us as a personal trainer for your marketing.  Yes, you can do it on your own,  trying different methods, hoping one might work.  But when you have a support team that provides you with the proper tools, knowledge and strategy,  you will get the results you want.


KE Marketing Solutions is a marketing consulting business based out of Barrie, Ontario that provides businesses owners the assistance, and support needed to grow their business.

We understand that being an entrepreneur can be challenging at the best of times.  Not only are you following your dreams and doing what you're passionate about;  You are also selling, bookkeeping, recording, and analyzing every decision you make.  Let KE Marketing Solutions help you share your passion with your customers through Marketing.

Our Mission

It's our mission to provide you with the proper marketing knowledge and techniques through coaching and providing them with continual marketing support to allow you to focus on the growth of your business and to enjoy what you love again.

Market. Grow. Repeat.

It's our passion to help businesses follow their passion and help them succeed with the marketing tools they need.


Market: We provide you with the proper marketing foundation and strategy to achieve your marketing goals.  Having a strong understanding of your marketing fundamentals are crucial to building the roots of your business.


Grow: We help you grow by measuring the marketing goals that can range from increasing social media awareness, to having a number of attendees for an event, adding customers to their database, etc.  Similar to a tree, there are many branches of marketing and they all continue to grow, change and transform.


Repeat: Our goal is to continue working on achieving the next marketing objective and assisting in the growth of your business.